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激发了一代金属乐队和金属鼓风机与上帝的羔羊,克里斯阿德勒在他离开那段乐队以来的音乐时,他的粉丝们一团糟。Firstorne,含有Adler,软碎暴丁布林Myrone,前Megadeeth和White Lion Bassist James Lomenzo和Singer Girish Pradhan的乐队,借鉴了完全不同的影响。

在2020年释放第一EP后,Firstorne的持续单打输出正在看到每个后续轨道的一些主要演变。在对Knotfest进行广泛的采访中,克里斯谈到Megade188BET亚洲体育th Camaraderie,长期目标,Toto的天才,而不是上帝2.0的羔羊。


锁定情况本身就是确实使其发生的事情。当然,很多乐队当然会沮丧无法在同一个房间里在一起,我只是在我们确实这样做的乐队中搬出了那样的乐队,而是因为我们适应这种情况。我不仅要适应未经上帝的羔羊,这既是我的大创意产出,重要的是经济上,这就是我谋生的方式,但我能够探索我在这个时候能做的事情really nobody’s doing anything. This band was really formed around the idea of being able to do an incredible amount of stuff while being all stuck at home. As far as the response to it goes, bands can be some smidge below politics, smidge above high school popularity contest and we’re really just trying to have a good time together. That’s why we’re putting it all out for free on YouTube or Bandcamp. Bandcamp has a lot of cool opportunities to support different causes or artists, and that platform is where I found Myrone, digging around on Bandcamp. Is it in this downtime paying any of my gas or water bills, hell no, but I think I’m at a point where I can go to work every day, enjoy having that level of personal responsibility working with a charity organisation, and do whatever I want musically.

离开上帝的羔羊,这不是因为我不想玩音乐,甚至我不想再玩那种音乐,因为我喜欢我们在上帝的羔羊中制作的音乐。我驾驶大部分船只我们所拥有的大多数职业,这是我的宝贝,我认为你可以在大多数DVD中看到,或者听到工业中的人们会告诉你同样的事情。“我不知道,问克里斯”是一个从另一个人听到很多的东西!It was because it wasn’t particularly beneficial to me as a person anymore and I wanted to do something that wasn’t going to be anywhere the crazy thing that Lamb of God had carved out that no one expected we could ever do, but was still really personally fulfilling. It’s really scary actually because that’s how I’ve lived my life for the twenty-six years I was in Lamb of God. For the last fifteen years of that it was the bulk of my everyday, and before that it was the entirety of my everyday trying to get to the point where I could get a couple hours off! There are offers coming in right now for Firstborne and we are absolutely planning on going out and playing shows, but it was never the idea for it to be the same lifestyle that I built with Lamb of God. It’s just loving making this music together, being aware that most of the fans of what I’ve done before will be looking at me like “what the hell are you doing?”, but having fun and being positive.


詹姆斯和我在我认为2005年在Gigantour上举行的上帝的救生员时,我们遇到了2005年的羔羊。Megadeth是我最喜欢的乐队。从我小时候的时候,我意识到我想因为巨肉而播放音乐。我在我的生活中有这种经历是令人难以置信的,我实际上必须加入这个乐队,我正在听一个少年在滑板上用我的声音步行者的耳机。在那个简洁的时候,当然,我很高兴与他们一起巡演,每次我进入雅各都会坐在那里玩低音。Bass is an interesting instrument because for most people it’s kinda an accoutrement instrument, and you don’t see a lot of people really spending time saying “I am going to be the bass player in the world” the way you do other instruments, but James LoMenzo is one of those people where that absolutely is a real thing. There is that passion and that incredible creative mind. Very soon after I left Lamb of God I got that option to go do the Hail! tour. We all know what that is and I looked it probably the same everybody else does of “here’s this F-list group of metal musicians going out to play a bunch of shitty covers”, and we did, but it’s Phil Demmel who is one of my favourite guys in the world and James LoMenzo so of course I had to get involved and was really excited to say yes. The thing that I always did love about being in Lamb of God was when I was able to push to go to Israel, to China, to Indonesia, to Singapore. I can sit in a parking lot in Atlanta for the rest of my life if I choose to but that sucks. We’d get offers where people would be worried that it wouldn’t be safe or we’d get arrested, but I’ve always seen it as an amazing opportunity to go see the world when we otherwise out of our own pockets wouldn’t be able to. The Hail! tour was great because it went to the Middle East. We were playing Bahrain, I’d take a trip to Egypt, and it was the first time I’ve been anywhere close to that so it was amazing. It rekindled things with James, and I’d started working with Myrone, then shortly afterwards I did a clinic tour in India where the promoter there brought together a bunch of heavy hitter musicians in India to play with me there, which is where Girish comes in. I’ve done so many tours around the world where the Sebastian Bachs of the world are there and it doesn’t necessarily sound like the record, but I was so blown away by this singer. This guy sounded naturally with nothing on him better than any record I’ve ever heard, and so I get back home and pick up the phone to Myrone and say “I think I’ve found someone really, really special here”. We didn’t have a direction point for what we wanted the band to be at this point. We weren’t aiming to be light rock or Queensrÿche or Ratt or whatever it is people are describing right now! It was all of these things that had been part of our youths though, and in maximising the efficiency of what it is we know how to do and still giving a product that we’re super stoked on we came to it. Lamb of God was like trying to sell people a protein bar of concrete which is very difficult to get down everybody’s throat. It’s not purposeful, but this is a little more palatable and it’s something that I think has been missing for a long time.


关于詹姆斯的事情是,我们都在Megadeth播放,所以我们都知道那里的钻。讨论并不多,这就是它的。这不是否定的陈述,我钦佩关于戴夫野蛮和乐队的一切,而我的时间是绝对梦幻般的。我绝对喜欢它的每一分钟,我不会告诉任何人不同的东西。我遇到詹姆斯最实际上的事情是关于白色狮子秀的后台。我们有一些Camaraderie,但我们也来自不同的年龄组。James is always hitting me up talking about some gospel track from 1963, “you can’t imagine what this bongo player is doing with the bass part!”, and Myrone and Girish are younger so if we took everybody’s age and put it on a line we cover an incredibly large spectrum of what’s happened in young music. In doing so, there’s just this ability to talk to each other about things like that.




是的,我觉得这三首歌曲现在坐在现在只是吹我的思想,相比是最初的ep是什么。这是让彼此害怕害怕的事情,以便完全努力,并逃避被建立的音乐家的想法,这些音乐家有望做某事。I think that the EP was closer to that goal of doing something closer to Chris because he has the most Facebook likes, and I admire these guys as much as I admire everyone I’ve ever been on tour and want to do something with their incredible talent. I would not take back that EP, because that’s really how we really figured out how to glue it all together, but the things that are coming out now are definitely a progression. Someone being in LA, someone else being in India, that takes a little time to really grease all the wheels to make it start to work right, and we’ve got plenty of time to do it which is great. On keeping things contemporary, I think that instinct is within us but there’s no discussion about that. Those things that we grew up on that inform our sound, that was like the breakfast cereal and what we’re gonna come out with later in the day. I’ve been particularly interested in that progressive element which is why I reached out to Myrone because what he does is not just fluffy music. He’s an incredible player and has done a lot with his talent. If you go listen to Toto or Journey, the reason that is on the radio is that they’re incredibly talented musicians and have figured out how to use that. My brother Willie said to me once that if I could play the drum-beat to罗莎娜,他给我一百万美元,我花了三个星期试图弄清楚这一点,这是不可能的。如果你听那首歌,虽然它就像沃尔玛的噪音。这些家伙绝对令人难以置信,但他们讨论了一种使其可访问的方法。这是我们的头在歌曲作品方面的秩序,我们对能够实现这一目标的乐队有很大的尊重。另一个往往的往往是Queensrÿche,并且在我生命中的许多点我告诉你我最喜欢的专辑是操作:Mindcrime。这是一张非常非常棒的专辑,不是因为制作人或其他什么原因,而是因为这些家伙们一起努力,让它合拍,让人们喜欢。昨晚我花了大约三个小时一遍又一遍地听我们的新歌,不是因为我想修改什么,而是因为我认为这首歌很有规则。


由于机器和我一直保持触摸,这不是一个蓝色的电话。虽然我一直被推动的东西,但是,我一直被推动的羔羊是我们一次没有与同一个制片人合作,一次多于几个记录。我们与Steve Austin一起工作,然后是Devin Townsend,然后是机器,我一直觉得我们对我们制作这些交换机的声音的演变非常重要。不是因为这些人都不是完美的合适,我们都相处,但工作室中的一个新能源很重要。我们没有从机器上行驶,因为机器并不擅长他所做的事情,所以在此期间,我认为这对上帝的羔羊有好处,机器和我保持联系。Myrone正在EP上处理所有的生产,并做了一切,然后当它到达那里从那里种植的点时,歌曲变得更具挑战性,并且更多的音乐有趣,我们决定添加另一个声音并进入到机器。Myrone实际上来找我,我在几天前刚刚与机器谈过。机器当然说,每个人都对我说我正在做什么,但他喜欢它,不得不参与其中。再次,这是所有虚拟的当然,所以它与房间里的生产者合作的过程不同,但是当他对某些事情充满热情时,如果我关闭了他的Whatsapp,他会追捕我。 He was the guy who first told me that when it came to recording software, not to do ProTools and that we were going with Logic, and even though the industry is ProTools-based I love working with Logic and I learned that from Machine.