Gimme Metal的乙烯基俱乐部重温激励器的史诗首次亮相'重金属疯狂'

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来自沉重专家Gimme Metal及其研究的最新产品,真正热情的乙烯基俱乐部将重温1983年的辉煌堆积年份,并且在激励器的“重金属疯子”中经常被忽视。

Tyler Lenane, CEO of Gimme Metal explains, “This month’s vinyl club title is our first foray into the deep classic metal years…1983, a year that brought us Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘Em All,’ Dio’s ‘Holy Diver,’ Slayer’s ‘Show No Mercy,’ Mercyful Fate’s ‘Melissa,’ and even Motley Crue’s ‘Shout At The Devil’. It was without a doubt a good year for flying V’s, Marshall stacks, and long hair. But for us at Gimme, there is a standout that is often overlooked by many, a record that at the time was just as important as any of those other releases, ‘Heavy Metal Maniac’. This first studio album by the speed metal kings of Ontario takes no prisoners. It’s fast. it’s got killer riffs. it’s melodic and just an all around perfect metal record.”

Gimme Metal DJ Alex Kayne Adds,“1983年是一款重金属的黄金年,并在枪击的最前沿,是加拿大被称为激励器的加拿大尖锐的,闪闪发光的三叉戟。As if mutilating a Marshall amplifier on the cover isn’t enough to make you take notice, the second you drop the needle onto the howling winds of “Holocaust”, you’ll heed it’s warning of a swirling menacing storm, a thunderous rampage that rages all the way through this masterpiece, aptly named HEAVY METAL MANIAC. The band perfectly blends metallic elements of speed and thrash with wild leads and chugging riffs burning at the speed of light coupled with a relentless, steamrolling double-bass ass-kicking. From “Stand Up and Fight” through “Evil Sinner, the band far exceeds their focused intent – to bludgeon you with some of the most genuine and heaviest metal ever created. HEAVY METAL MANIAC feels like a high-speed drill boring a hole right through your head!”

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